April 12, 2017

Chris Daly was invented by the Chinese to halt American innovation.

Thankfully, global warming and climate change have been disproven thanks to the tireless work of the Trump presidency, regardless of the fact that we continue to have record-breaking heat waves year-over-year and the bumper seasons of Spring and Autumn are growing shorter and shorter. If you didn’t know this already, the moose out front should have told you. The further good news is now we can start celebrating the summer months that much earlier!

In what hopefully is not a prescient title, Mecca:83, my personal favorite beat head, just dropped the hopefully not presciently titled “Body Glow” to ease us into these warmer months. It seems like the Manchester-based producer/instrumentalist has been feeling the pressure to produce lately. Said he, “I’m not going to lie: I’ve been struggling to find my groove in 2017. This is probably the 50th beat I’ve made so far and the first one where I’ve felt like I’m getting closer to the sounds in my head. Upwards from here peeps! Anyways, enjoy this little summer heater just in time for the warm weather. Life Sketches Vol.3 coming as soon as it’s god damn ready: consider this the first preview.”

Filled with his characteristic warm tones, subtle drums and perfectly selected vocal snippets, Mecca outlines what a sun-soaked afternoon feels like. I’ll take this over the Waterworld soundtrack hands down, every time.

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