April 18, 2017

Evan Gabriel only drinks blue label.

It’s been several years since Minnesota producer Psymun has dropped an official project. But like many beatmakers who despise predictability, being absent from immediate sight doesn’t always indicate a lack of labor. Last month, he unveiled a whimsical single from his forthcoming EP, Rainbow Party, due out May 5th via the electronic label, Ghostly International.

With a heavy noise influence, “I Need My Boy” opens in snarling synth cries that sound like entering a state fair funhouse on ketamine. The track’s ample space shrinks against analogue feedback that blurs distinctions between beat and devotional music. May 5th will mark exactly three years and one day since his last offering, 2014’s Pink Label.

It seems to be Psymun’s fashion to tease music just before putting out a project. Similar to the release of Not Pink Label, a brief collection of fuzzy, scurrying beats uploaded just days before Pink Label, he’s been preluding his Ghostly debut with a slew of worthwhile singles. A few months back, he dropped the mammoth Soundcloud loosey “Weakling,” followed by “EXACTER x2.”

For Rainbow Party, Psymun keeps matters in the family. The three song package opens with a Chester Watson feature, and closes with an appearance from vocalist K.Raydio. This week, he will accompany Velvet Negroni, the opening act on the Bon Iver Tour, in Denver and Vegas. He is also on the bill for the Rhymesayers-curated Soundset festival, May 28th in Saint Paul. You can and should pre-order Rainbow Party on vinyl here.

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