June 19, 2017

My favorite rap will always be low-budget and high stakes. Grainy videos with grimy flows. The stuff that you might have seen on Yo! MTV Raps in 1994, but which never tries to soullessly recreate the 90s aesthetic. Music that feels modern but comes from an eternal place. Flee the sirens rap. Blunt scorched, deuces chucked rap.  If it ain’t raw it’s worthless rap.

If we weren’t dropping Vince Ash’s official debut on POW Recordings, the 19-year old from Hammond Indiana would still be competing with the new Vince Staples album in an effort to make Vince the most important first name of the 21st Century (Vincent Chase excluded).

Even though he’s on the label, I don’t know much about Vince Ash and I think he wants to keep it that way. For all I know, the “Deuce Style” video conveys the exact specifics of his daily life, which feels haunted and bleak, sinister and sepia-tinted, some do or die, straight out the mud rap. Because I’m inherently biased (but undeniably accurate), I’ll refer you to the perennially on-point Andrew “Fake Shore Drive” Barber, who premiered “Deuce Style” this morning:  “Vince is easily one of the hottest new talents repping Indiana — especially the Northern part of the state. [His style] is eerie and infectious— one that you won’t soon forget. This one has been embedded in my brain since I first heard it, if we’re being factual. [Vince Ash’s] music sticks to your bones. You can feel it in your soul.”

Recommended if you like Herb and Bibby, Gibbs, 2Pac, and early drill. Vince Ash’s debut Do or Die coming sooner than later.


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