POW Presents: The Best of Future (In Three Playlists)

Torii MacAdams gives three definitive future playlists.
By    June 22, 2017

Torii MacAdams is a Pluto cartographer. 

I have a superpower: I can calculate approximately how many pairs of cargo shorts a rap fan owns based solely on their reaction to the statement “I think Future is great.” Maybe “superpower” is an oversell–it’s a parlor trick, really–because the equation is simple: each additional notch on a ten-point scale of effrontery is another pair of shorts. (I once asked a pair of cargo shorts what it thought of Future. It was a grievous error.)

I kid. Sort of.

One of the more discomfiting facets of my deeply personal hell is that when people find out what I do for a living, they tend to ask who I’m currently listening to. For the past four-plus years, I’ve almost inevitably named Future. And, often before I’ve finished mumbling his mononym’s second syllable, I’ve learned how many pairs of cargo shorts are jammed into their dusty Ikea dresser, or if they post “real hip-hop” memes on Facebook, or whether they’ve listened to an album KRS-One’s released this century. Some rap fans have never donned ‘Nam-era attire or earnestly uttered the phrase “real hip-hop,” but some have–and all rap fans have an opinion on Atlanta’s biggest star.

Future is perfectly prismatic: the colors you see are yours and yours alone. Armed with his extensive catalog, one can justify nearly any coloration of his character. He’s a prolific genius or an unfiltered dunce; he’s a dangerous narcissist or a lovesick troubadour; he’s a logical extension of the Dungeon Family’s forever-forward ethos or a detestable harbinger of the genre’s collapse. At its best his music is, like an oil slick, beautiful and corrosive, a chemical opalescence amidst tamer waters.

Thus, three separate greatest-of playlists, Scarlet, Lime, and Canary. Trap Future and R&B Future are a false dichotomy–there are too many hits that don’t fit these strictures. Scarlet is bloody and tempestuous; Lime brash and unrepentant; Canary triumphant and lighthearted. Surely, there are even more undiscovered Futures–the man contains multitudes.


[All songs by Future unless otherwise noted. This is a Drake-free zone.]

Scarlet (Click to download)

1.Big Rube Intro

2. Deeper Than The Ocean

3. Hardly

4. Perkys Calling

5. Codeine Crazy

6. Blood On The Money

7. Rich $ex

8. Dedicated [The Game ft. Future and Sonyae]

9. Break The Rules

10. Use Me

11. Lookin Exotic

12. High Demand

13. No Basic

14. Just Like Bruddas

15. Inside the Mattress

16. Lie to Me

17. Astronaut Chick

18. My Collection

19. No Love

20. Throw Away

Lime (Click to download)

1.Big Rube Speaks

2. Tony Montana

3. Jordan Diddy (ft. Gucci Mane)

4. Ain’t Neva Seen

5. Tricken Every Car I Get [Trae Tha Truth ft. Future & Lil Boosie]

6. Coupe

7. Campaign [Ty Dolla $ign ft. Future]

8. Move That Dope (ft. Pharrell Williams, Pusha T & Casino)

9. Karate Chop (Remix) (ft. Lil Wayne)

10. Fuck Up Some Commas

11. Stick Talk

12. Trap Niggas

13. 2 Pac

14. Sh!t

15. Pain [Pusha T ft. Future]

16. Who (ft. Young Thug)

17. March Madness

18. Aintchu (ft. Juvenile)

19. Blow a Bag

20. Thought It was a Drought

21. Zone 6 [Gucci Mane & Future]

22. Wolf

23. U.O.E.N.O. [Rocko ft. Rick Ross & Future]

Canary (Click to download)

1.The Future Is Now [Big Rube]

2. Racks (ft. YC)

3. Straight Up

4. Double Cup & Molly

5. Ring Ring [Rick Ross ft. Future]

6. Them Bands [Stuey Rock ft. Future]

7. You Deserve It

8. Magic

9. Same Damn Time

10. Space Cadets

11. Draco

12. Benz Friendz (Whatchutola) (ft. André 3000)

13. Kung Fu [Baauer ft. Pusha T & Future]

14. Drive By [Curren$y ft. Future]

15. High Demand

16. Champagne Shower (ft. Rich Homie Quan)

17. Married To The Game

18. Incredible

19. How Many Times [Tinashe ft. Future]

20. Mask Off

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