No Kicks from Champagne: Session Victims take on DOOM

Chris Daly cures your summer ailments with a fresh new DOOM mix from German producers Session Victims.
By    July 5, 2017

Chris Daly wrote this with a Bane mask on.

Realizing that even two months is too long to go without some DOOM in one’s life, German producers and crate diggers Session Victims have dropped a tasty 30 minute mix on Mixcloud on behalf of The Vinyl Factory for those fiending for more of the Masked One. The production duo of Hauke Freer and Matthias Reiling establish their bona fides quickly, crafting a mix that covers all the high points of Metal Face’s odd and illustrious career, from early MFD albums like Operation: Doomsday to one off joints with the likes of Molemen and Jake One to non-MF, canon projects like Viktor Vaughn, Danger Doom and King Geehdorah.

The content doesn’t stop there, as Session Victims share the tastiest remixed versions of favorites like “Vomitspit” and “My Favorite Ladies.” The fact that they’ve been able to provide some extra Clutchy Hopkins for your ears in the process should leave no doubt that SV have your best interests at heart. Grab one beer and your mask of choice while you contemplate the mystery of DOOM.

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