Harold Stallworth’s Summertime Mafioso Rap Mix

Harold Stallworth presents the definitive mafioso rap mix.
By    July 12, 2017

Harold Stallworth only has two weeks left on his lease.

As I was compiling songs for this mixtape, I wrestled with the question of what exactly constitutes mafioso rap. What I found was that it’s incredibly hard to pin down a definitive set of parameters. Just a few years ago, Brooklyn rapper Skyzoo released a full-length cover of Jay-Z’s debut album, Reasonable Doubt, which is distinctly mafioso. Yet nothing about Skyzoo or his derivation of Reasonable Doubt ever struck me as even close. I suppose that I just know it when I hear it. This mixtape is what I’ve heard over the last few years or so.

Download: Summer 2017 Mafioso Mix: Harold Stallworth

01. Lil Eto – Asics

02. Mach Hommy – So Much More

03. Rick Ross – Geechi Liberachi

04. Skaldowie – Zyczenia Z Całego Serca

05. The UN – Crumbs

06. Raekwon – Marble Cake

07. Ennio Morricone – Doricamente

08. Hall & Nash – They Killed Pookie

09. Tha God Fahim – Black Snow

10. Hus Kingpin – Wave Star

11. Curren$y – Cargo Planes

12. Willie The Kid – Wash My Car

13. Dexter Wansel – Something Just For Us

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