POW Premiere: Ketchy the Great & Good Finesse’s “Gang Gang”

POW premieres the new video from Stink Team members Ketchy the Great and Good Finesse.
By    September 12, 2017

Myles Andrews-Duve isn’t feeling the organic ketchup movement.

Villainy isn’t easy. Inhabiting that role requires toeing the line between wicked charisma and stone cold mystique while maintaining absolute believability. The only thing nearly as hard is playing the perfect complement to the villain himself. 

It’s thus almost baffling how masterfully Ketchy the Great and Good Finesse assume these roles on “Gang Gang,” where Finesse’s laid-back charm plays foil to Ketchy’s gritty, asthmatic flow. Ketchy’s dark hook (the refrain “Gang, gang, gang” has never sounded more sinister) mixes with claustrophobic images to provide a posse cut for this most menacing of posses.

Ketchy and Finesse are just two members of the Stinc Team—the rap collective currently commanding the LA streets. The group’s most notable representatives are brothers Drakeo the Ruler and Ralfy the Plug, the former of whom was rapidly burnishing his legend prior to being imprisoned for unlawful possession of firearms in January (to this day, he maintains his innocence).

The video for “Gang Gang,” which we’re happy to premiere on this very site, is simply the collective in their element, capturing the dancing, joking, and lean sipping involved with any Stink Team gathering. It is also another output in the midst of the aptly titled Stinktember, which marks a period of releases over the month as the group rolls out the forthcoming Free Drakeo Tape, due September 30.

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