POW Mix: Stimulator Jones’ ‘Ladies Only R&B Tape’

POW premieres an exclusive Stimulator Jones mix in anticipation of his new album.
By    March 20, 2018

Evan Nabavian misses the old Stacey Dash.

I irrationally enjoyed “Soon Never Comes” by Stimulator Jones from 2016 because it’s a ladle of hot nostalgia for ’90s R&B, which hits the spot for fans of a certain age. But I contend that ’90s R&B is comfort food even if you didn’t come up when Montell Jordan was opening the door for OG macks and wannabe players alike. You can hear in this music a forgotten lack of urgency that ensconced America from the end of the Cold War until September 11th. The woozy swing takes you to an oasis of dimly lit house parties full of crop tops and oversized jeans, but devoid of pills and lacerating hi hat drums. Everyone is casually sexy while they trade Stacey Dash smiles. The gravest concerns are noise complaints and high school drama. It couldn’t last.

When I heard “Soon Never Comes,” I recognized a fellow traveler and a student of the game. So did Peanut Butter Wolf, who signed Jones to Stones Throw where Jones will release Exotic Worlds and Masterful Treasures on April 27th. To tide us over, I commissioned a mix of Clinton-era slow jams, but not the ones you remember. Jones dug up the artifacts that Spotify forgot. Acts like Sa-Deuce and Emàge show the nostalgia wellspring runs deeper than Bad Boy remixes. Jones only sourced his deep cuts from ladies in honor of Women’s History Month. Listen now and imagine better days

Stimulator Jones — Ladies Only R&B Tape (Mediafire download)


1. FABU – Just Roll (1995)
2. Veronica – Without Love (1995)
3. Raw Stilo – Cutie (1995)
4. Gina Thompson – The Things That You Do (1996)
5. Kut Klose – Lay My Body Down (1995)
6. Blackgirl – Ooh Yeah (Smooth) (1994)
7. Sa-Deuce – Don’t Waste My Time (1995)
8. Emàge – Feel The Funk (1994)
9. Shawn – Gotta Be An O.G. (Original Guy) (1997)
10. Jewell – It’s Not Deep Enough (1994)
11. First Class – Friendship (1998)
12. Virtue – So Good To Know (1997)
13. 7669 – Cloud 69 (1993)
14. Vybe – Take It To The Front (Blacksmith’s Master Mix) (1995)
15. Jade – Keep On Risin’ (1997)
16. Trellini – Don’t Call Me Baby (1994)
17. Miss Jones – Where I Wanna Be Boy (1994)

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