Hedge Your Bets: Lily Moore Impresses with “Not That Special”

Paley Martin examines the normal brilliance of rising star Lily Moore.
By    April 25, 2018

Paley Martin pulled off the classic undersell.

Many artists spend their entire careers reinforcing what makes them special, securing longevity through costumery, performance, edge, and a bigger, better, louder version of what they’ve done before. But not UK up-and-comer Lily Moore. On her debut single, “Not That Special,” Moore lets us know that she’s perfectly happy with being, well, normal.

“Not That Special” is a bold disclaimer. But the track is less a proclamation to her audience than a testament to her lover: “Don’t you know I’m not that special?/ Never pretended to be/ But the only thing that matters is/ You feel right to me.”

“The only thing that matters is/ You feel right to me,” she echoes, punctuating her choruses with this sweet and simple truth that encapsulates not only her relationship and values but her essence. For Moore, the bells and whistles just aren’t necessary. Not for her brand, not within her music, and not when it comes to romance.

If not “special,” Moore is certainly different. At just 19, the singer-songwriter has the sort of voice that instantaneously grabs your soul and has you scavenging the internet for more (by the way, be sure to check out her latest track, “17”)—the gritty, jazzy, raspy, soulful sort that doesn’t need prove its greatness with anything extra. And, not to mention, one that’s special enough to wrangle Jim Abbis (Arctic Monkeys, Adele) to produce the track.

Sure, Moore is an exciting internet find today, but she has a promising potential that could make her a household name with time. On Wednesday, April 25, Moore will release her debut EP, Not That Special, and, if we’re lucky, continue to show us how much she revels in her uncontrived, heartstring-pulling normalcy.

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