Daedelus x POW Takeover: An Introduction

In anticipation of his forthcoming 'Taut,' Daedelus is taking over Passion of the Weiss.
By    May 24, 2018

Daedelus is one of the most innovative, prolific, and brilliant producers of the last two decades. With the release of his latest gem, tomorrow’s Taut, we invited him to take over POW for the day. You can pre-order Taut here

I’m honored to be writing to you. It is not my natural state. I failed an English class long ago and have feared anything essay since. However, this is my favorite destination for critical thought on music matters. There is wonderment in seeing something by its reflections that can exceed direct gazing; the Instagram filter which causes your drab hot take to become serious Sierra, or the less used Lo-Fi, when you know the difference you’ll never unsee it and the judgement passed is…I digress. Can I point your attention towards these articles achieved:

From October 26th, 2009: My appearance with Mary Anne Hobbs

From April 5th, 2013: Madvillainy — The Samples

From November 1st, 2017: An Interview!

We have some history, this site and I! But I’d rather you read these:

From April 23rd, 2018: The untold story of Terry “Hymnal” Robinson

From February 28th, 2018: An Interview with Huxley Anne

From March 30th, 2018: An Interview with Karriem Riggins

A handful to set the tone on what a deep wade might procure. You are probably well aware of the merits of being here, among the personal appeals and long listened, but in case you aren’t may I point towards the opposite (actually let’s not give them the click satisfaction) which have caved to serving praises upon the paying and headlines on acts whose names you’ll notice on all-the-festivals-this-season but can’t muster a reason why. So I pick POW some times to giggle at the Sierra, but have stuck around for the poignant portraits, you know?

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