SoundCloud Sessions: Dr. Octavius, isabella lovestory, and More

Alphonse Pierre introduces some of SoundCloud's hottest new artists.
By    June 14, 2018

Alphonse Pierre travels with a Goyard trunk.

Dr. Octavius

Once a month or more on SoundCloud producers drop their samples, which are usually just 3-5 minute long tracks featuring various snippets of the best beats they’ve made lately. At the moment, Dr. Octavius’ (the producer alias of rapper Ethan Uno) samples have become must clicks for me, although I should probably click on them less because his mesmerizing synths often put me into a prolonged daze.

And I’m not sure if it’s strange to listen to samples or not because I know they’re meant to encourage rappers to buy beats, but I love it. Like, c’mon. What’s more beautiful than a perfectly placed “Purchase your tracks today” tag? Whatever, as long as Dr. Octavius keeps cranking out these samples for me to doze off to, I’ll be fine.

isabella lovestory

I like to think of isabella lovestory as SoundCloud’s Empress Of. As isabella lovestory is bringing a Spanish language bedroom pop ready voice to the pretty and drugged out beats of Soundcloud. I have no idea what she’s talking about most of time, although the Spanish seems simple but it’s a refreshing voice on a platform where a lot of things tend to sound familiar. And it’s not like I really gave a fuck about lyrics anyway.

Wifi Mami

The lazy flow and cutesy aesthetic of Wifi Mami is slightly reminiscent of early Kilo Kish, but Wifi is a way better rapper than Kish ever was. Wifi Mami doesn’t have many songs but the New Jersey rapper’s work with producer Grimm Doza is some of the best music I’ve come across on SoundCloud the last couple of months. Grimm Doza’s beats for Wifi sometimes sound like they could’ve been produced in 2010 because there really isn’t that much trendy or blatantly modern about the simple but lush production. Maybe it’s just their brand. Do they purposely want to sound like they could be placed in the 2012 Tumblr era and nobody would blink an eye? I don’t think so. I’m not sure we’re far enough removed for someone to be nostalgic for that era. But regardless, I fuck with Wifi Mami’s raps and Grimm Doza’s beats.


High pitched autotune vocals, three restarts, and a textbook use of the money counter. All of this makes BBY GOYARD’s “run shannon run” the song on SoundCloud I can’t get out of my head right now. The goddamn song builds to a point where the beat drops out and BBY GOYARD just belts “Arvydas Sabonis” for no reason at all. Yes, BBY GOYARD is up on his Euroleague basketball icons, or he’s just an admirer of Indiana Pacers Center Domantas Sabonis so he gave his Dad a shoutout. Whatever it is, this song is beautiful and pointless basketball references make everything much better.

Vinny Fanta

“Everythang” is another song that I have been finding myself singing along to. This is partially because of the sections of the Thief Honda beat without drums that feel like they belong in a dystopian anime, and also because Vinny’s flow is so damn effortless and smooth especially when he says “04’ all I wanted was a Pelle Pelle.”


I don’t know much about Bandhi, I’m pretty new on him. But it feels like he should be bigger. His self-produced music is catchy and fits seamlessly into SoundCloud’s current landscape. A couple of the right co-signs would make him blow up almost overnight. So if he gets those that would be cool, but for now he’ll continue to release his melodic tunes onto SoundCloud as he builds a core.

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