POW Presents: The “Free Greedo” Mix

POW presents an essential 03 Greedo mix
By    July 9, 2018

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Every time a new artist emerges, comparisons inevitably start to arise. Classification is the brain’s default tendency. It offers familiarity and context, a natural algorithm that allows us to imagine that history is a free-floating continuum easily explained in conversation.

So when Greedo first came out the slums, I said that he was LA’s Kodak or perhaps more accurately our Boosie. The type of artist with a song for every mood, an electric steel cage of emotions encompassing pain, love, greed, pride, joy, and every deadly sin that you can cite. Drakeo calls himself Mr. Everything, but Greedo really is just that — a complicated and contradictory genius who ironically has more in common with Pac than he might let on. Forget the competition about who’s more certified, both Greedo and ‘Pac contain multitudes and the ability to compress the maddening chaos of existence into three minutes. They have a catalog that allows you to pick and choose whatever side of them you prefer. Of course, you can also compare Greedo to Mac Dre or Max B and you wouldn’t be entirely wrong — at least in terms of their symbolic importance.

But what this mix proves is that Greedo has always been Greedo. He can only be Greedo. He is one of the most original and innovative iconoclasts to ever grace the land — even if he’d slap you upside the head for calling him a West Coast rapper. That too is Greedo. This mix, artfully cut by Earoh, is by no means definitive. Greedo is too sprawling to be captured in just an hour. And considering God Level is already canon, it already could use updating. But that’s okay too. That’s the point. This is a document of the past two brilliant years with a lot more imminent. In the meantime, you already know what to keep saying until he comes home. – Jeff Weiss

1. Buttons Pt. 2
2. Don’t Mean
3. Would You
4. Run For Your Life
5. Get Your Life Up
6. Rude
7. Zoning
8. Wake Me Up In Traffic ft. DrakeO The Ruler, Shoreline Mafia
9. Kitchens
10. Money Truck ft. Outlaw Mel
11. Leave Em Stankin
12. Slidin
13. Moonrocks Freestyle
14. Making Plays ft. Rich the Kid
15. Makin Bands
16. How Bout Now
17. Creep
18. Molly
19. Condo Music ft. Johnny Boy Deuce
20. Both of My Arms
21. Mafia Business
22. Shittin Lately
23. Hands Dirty
24. Wrists Risks
25. Stronger
26. Voodoo
27. Thug 4 U ft Problem, Bad Lucc & Jay Worthy
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