Ain’t No Way To Funk It Up: DâM-FunK’s Ubiquitously Funky “Architecture II”

Chris Daly takes a look at the new EP from DâM-FunK.
By    August 8, 2018

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Chris Daly only eats ramen while blindfolded.

For the three of you who read my reviews regularly (thanks to the Missus, Ma Daly and that random weird cat who keeps sending me disturbing emails!), you’ve probably noticed that I try to establish the perfect atmosphere in which to engage with the music: whether it’s best used for late night drives, break dancing performances, getting a bit freaky, or whatever the correct circumstances might be.

I found myself in a jam for DâM-FunK’s latest, Architecture II, the follow-up to 2017’s first installment. The problem stems from the fact that I couldn’t think of any “bad” times to press play on any of the four tracks on this stellar EP.

The ridiculously talented Damon Riddick continues to improve on his funked-out synth stylings. At this stage, it seems unnecessary to point out DF’s influences and allegiance to Minnesota funk, as he’s taken the template and crafted it into something uniquely his own. That being said, Prince’s vault has remained somewhat closed in spite of promises of multiple albums’ worth of unreleased material, so who doesn’t want a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ to scratch your Royal Badness itch? DâM-FunK is good for what ails you.

Opening the EP, “Don’t Give Up” and “Best Weekend” carry the positive vibes their titles imply. The former track has a tight piano sound on top of airy electronics and a lightly pulsating beat, while the latter amps up the groove ever so slightly. Both work in tandem to provide an uplifting start to the musical adventure. The second half rides a touch darker, with traces of classic house and disco influences. “Bounce” drops the bottom, an appropriate move if ever I heard one, and “In the City,” the EP’s lead single, simply makes you want to nod your head in appreciation.

Whether your upcoming plans include nude hang gliding, blind taste testing ramen at the regional championships, or simply taking the El to class, with Architecture II, DâM-FunK has laid the groundwork for all your listening needs.

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