POW Premiere: “Money Clouds” by The Jack Moves

Ben Grenrock premieres the new single from The Jack Moves, "Money Cloud"
By    August 16, 2018

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Ben Grenrock‘s Tinder profile is a thinly-veiled cry for help.

A song about compulsive Tinder use beneath clouds that rain dollar bills sounds like it would be the latest ill-advised foray into the SoundCloud meat market by a face-tattooed fifteen-year-old from southern Florida.

It’s not.

It’s actually “Money Clouds,” the new single from Newark neo-soul duo The Jack Moves, premiering right here on POW. And it’s gorgeous.

A marked change from the falsetto-dressed, stage-ready grooves that peppered 2015’s self-titled debut, vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Zee Desmondes and drummer/producer Teddy Powell deliver a shimmering, intimate reverie in “Money Clouds,” one that feels more appropriate whispered in a stranger’s ear than belted out under the glare of a spotlight.

Impeccably produced by JP Plunier, the song’s melodic components—strings, guitar, brass, glockenspiel—flit in and out over a breezy rhythm section with an ease that belies their precise deployment. All the while, Desmonds’ voice remains its own clear and powerful instrument, even as layered harmonies and delays threaten to diffract it.

“Money Clouds” is the lead single off The Jack Move’s forthcoming album, Free Money, which will be released via Everloving Records on October 19th. Desmondes has dedicated the track, “to all of the cyborgs of the future,” who it appears, at least by his prognostication, will be just as obsessed with sex and money as their fleshy progenitors.

At least they’ll have great taste in music.

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