Moniquea’s “All The Time” Is A Summer Funkfest

Evan Nabavian takes a look at Moniquea and XL Middleton's new funk classic.
By    August 20, 2018

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You are all invited to Evan Nabavian‘s hearth.

“All The Time” coaxes you off your desk chair and onto the skate rink. You don’t need to know how to skate. You don’t even need skates. Moniquea and XL Middleton abide none of your modern malaise or cynicism.

The Pasadena duo carry the torch for an L.A. funk revival that started a decade ago when Dam-Funk inaugurated his weekly Funkmosphere party in Culver City. Middleton runs MoFunk Records with fellow scion Eddy Funkster to give modern funk a home. The new single compels you to move in spite of any real or imagined woes. It’s not throwback music because it rejects that fun belongs to another age. True, the balmy synths don’t gel with 2018 radio and those keys behind Moniquea’s rap sound like they came out of your Super Nintendo. But the duo’s halcyon flow and instrumental are only a means to tap into the eternal groove.

Funk pulls down barriers to entry more than any other genre, creed, or discipline. You don’t need to understand its history to appreciate it and its rites are innate to anyone with a soul. “All The Time” invites everyone to its hearth, but you cannot sit down.

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