One Look at You and I Can’t Disguise: On Tobacco’s Cover of “Hungry Eyes”

Chris Daly uses the video for Tobacco's cover of the Dirty Dancing soundtrack standard as an excuse to write about weird porn.
By    September 12, 2018

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Chris Daly wasn’t the only one who got Penny in trouble.

As anyone who even slept through Intro to Comms can tell you, effective communication begins with the recipient.  In other words, know your audience.  Tobacco, Black Moth Super Rainbow’s ringleader, has built a dedicated fan base over the years, in no small part because he knows what it is his listeners want.  Sure, there’s a shared love of sludge-drenched, tripped-out pysch pop, but the beacon that shines brightest for Thomas Fec’s fanatic faithful, that truly brings us all together, is an almost obsessive love of obscure and odd pornography.  The first time I ever saw BMSR, the encore included E.T. porn.  Let that sink in for a moment.  E.T., THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL  PORNOGRAPHY.

Look no further than the video for “Hungry Eyes,” Tobacco’s take on Eric Carmen “classic” from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, to see if i’m lying.  Sure, we could talk about how Tobacco obliterates the bass and drags the lead synth line through toxic muck, but is that nearly as interesting as noting the video is altered footage of “Strokemon,” the XXX-rated take on Pokemon?

And what does it say about me that I knew, without needing to be told, that it originated at Wood Rocket, home of some of the more bizarre branches of pr0n parody?  (If auto-erotic asphyxiation bores you and your fellow orgy goers are on hiatus since that poorly timed mayonnaise incident, but you’re kind of interested in adults cosplaying as cartoon characters from everything from “Bob’s Burgers” to “Adventure Time,” have i got a site for you!). [ed. note: I don’t understand anything in this post. I swear.]

I guess it says I’m a Tobacco fan for life.

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