We Don’t Punt, We Got Cannons: On ALLBLACK’s 2 Minute Drills

Harold Bingo tackles the Kenny Beats-produced set from the Oakland rapper.
By    November 29, 2018

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Harold Bingo hit the Sinaloa for a pimp lunch.

ALLBLACK has a few principles that he lives by, most of which are relatable to any listener: he doesn’t want to get a job; he doesn’t believe in dating a woman with kids … if she is neglectful of her responsibilities; he’s paid his own rent since the age of 17. 2 Minute Drills is his long awaited collaboration with Kenny Beats and he expands on these principles throughout the course of the project.

His conversational rapping style gives the listener a certain feeling. Many songs come across as a form of eavesdropping. He spends much of “76 Buccaneers” asking rhetorical questions. Some might even call it venting. But this narrative undersells just how hilarious ALLBLACK can be. “John Madden 2” starts with “this .45 love to say ‘bless you’ and his name is Gesundheit” and he proceeds to compare jobless club dwellers to Tommy from Martin.

The football motif runs throughout the course of the project, turning “3 Point Stance” into an ass-clapping anthem with ALLBLACK quick to mock those who cuff “weak ass bitches.” In his estimation, these types are better off buying a tank from PETCO so that they can spend their days swimming in it instead. Even when he’s slandering his enemies, he still manages to remain a vivid writer who is capable of setting a scene.

ALLBLACK tends to regard most of the people he makes fun of with a sort of amused contempt. His lyrics give off a strong “if you had it like me then you would do it like me” vibe. He delivers withering put downs throughout the course of the project & even tells an adversary that they would be better off heading to Job Corps because the streets are too much for them to handle. Failing that, he is also quick to remind them that Safeway is also a viable employment option.

At 7 songs and 16 minutes, the runtime is far from demanding and the listener is left wanting more. Whether he’s roasting wannabes who let a couple Scarface viewings alter their worldview, mocking would be kingpins who sell eighths or admonishing anyone who wants to take credit for his newfound success, ALLBLACK has a commanding presence. Kimson and Outcalls showed an artist with a sizable amount of potential. On 2 Minute Drills, Kenny Beats has set the stage for him to deliver on that promise.


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