The Rap-Up: Week of March 15, 2019

The Rap-Up returns with new tracks from OMB Peezy, Sada Baby, and more.
By    March 15, 2019

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Brandon Callender will be in your kitchen with the fuckin’ toaster.

Sada Baby x FMB DZ — “Ape Drip”

Sada Baby and FMB DZ have a natural chemistry that makes collaborations seem effortless.  DZ starts off “Ape Drip,” but quickly hands off the reins to Sada, who doesn’t miss a beat. The production stays silent, lying in wait. It almost like Sada and Dz are fixing to start a new a cappella rapper movement. And, of course, Sada and Dz remind us that gangstas boogie, not dance, and aren’t afraid to show off their extensive arsenal moves.

Dz brags about how he just bought a bust-down rolex that he’d never seen plain. He also said he met his plug at the Clippers game. Dz’s letting us know that no one needs to be watching Lakers games and I’m here for all kinds of Lakers slander [ed. note: ok, fine, whatever].

Sada talks about Egyptian sheets and foreign freaks, following by a note on Dz’s missing tooth and an offers to make your smile match his. Free dental by Skuba Steve. Sada Baby/FMB Dz 2020.

Tisakorean — A Guide to Being a Partying Freshman

Tisakorean is the funniest rapper alive. He can dance pretty well too. On Twitter and Instagram you’ll probably find him posting a video of a new freestyle where he’s dancing at a gas station getting off a fit of an Aeropostale sweatsuit and some Polo boots — on some high school drip. Or he might be dancing with Uzi and Pierre Bourne to one of his new songs.

The “Dip” rapper makes the kind of music that’s perfect for your next Triller. It’s just not possible to sit still to any song he makes because his production just makes you want to move. He has it down to a science, as he shows on his new mixtape, A Guide to Being a Partying Freshman, where even a beat that’s just one piano note being repeated over and over makes you get up and hit the woah. On the mixtape’s outro, he interpolates “Buy U A Drank,” because why not?

Tisa’s one of the most fun personalities in rap right now. We need new dances because no one wants to see you hit the Shoot at the club anymore. I saw someone doing that like two weeks ago. Please stop.

OMB Peezy — “Testimony”

OMB Peezy is ready to tell us everything we didn’t already know. The 22-year old rapper was shot after a performance in his hometown of Mobile, Alabama, on Mar. 4 and is currently in recovery. On Mar. 10, he tweeted out his appreciation for support and prayers of his fanbase. In that same tweet, he said this: “startin a thread for anybody who been thru sum real shit reply wit a #testimony.” And they did.

Just a day later, on Mar. 10, Peezy released his own testimony.  A letter to everyone in his life, as he knows just how short life can be. He apologized to his fans for not giving them much of him in his music before, but promised to keep giving them more. On “Testimony,” Peezy shows he’s mature beyond his years while interpolating Kodak Black’s song of the same name. The music video is a collection of clips from the day he got shot. He contrasts those fun moments he spent with his crew with shots of him now lying in bed, his foot in a cast because of the shooting.

He’s asking questions about why some of his friends can’t be freed, but rapists can. He’s asking why it’s hard for people like him to stay happy. He’s asking why someone as young as him has to jump over so many hurdles to get anywhere in life. It’s hard to listen to and even harder to watch, but it’s essential. 

Dave — “Location (featuring Burna Boy)”

You might remember Dave from his 2016 track, “Wanna Know,” which had Drake featured on a remix. The South London rapper dropped his studio debut album, PSYCHODRAMA, earlier this month where he dives into his identity, as he explores what it means to be Nigerian in South London, and his life as an artist.

“Location” falls in the middle of the album and lets you take a breather from the denseness of the rest of the project. Dave teams up with Burna Boy and producer Jae5 for a smooth song where all Dave and Burna Boy do is flirt with your girl. You can hear the smirk in Dave’s voice when he asks what shade your girl’s foundation is in. He doesn’t even care, he just wanted to tell her a really bad 50 Shades of Grey joke. Burna Boy’s on hook duty and as usual, does not disappoint.

Rizzoo Rizzoo — “Kool-Aid (featuring Da Baby)”

Houston’s Rizzoo Rizzoo and Charlotte’s Da Baby linked up to make Kool-Aid, a single off Rizzoo’s last project, Rario World. For anyone keeping track, Da Baby starts rapping at 0:05. Rizzoo and Da Baby are just having some fun. In the music video, they point water guns at each other and pass around a huge bottle of lemonade. For some reason, there’s no Kool-Aid visible in the video for “Kool-Aid,” but there is Sunny D.

The song’s filled with adlibs, with Rizzoo’s “IT’S HOT!” being the best by far. Rizzoo and Da Baby are both super animated in this video, using cheesy green screen backdrops to act out their lyrics. Da Baby said he flew out to Texas purely because they fucked with his drip and bragged about how he got to pick up some new sauce. Rizzoo tells anyone trying to jump on his wave to “hit the highway” because he’s at the top now.  

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