Everywhere You Look: Fat Dave’s “Full House Freestyle”

Brandon Callender takes a quick look at the Statesville, NC rapper's sitcom-referencing new track.
By    May 16, 2019

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Brandon Callender wonders how anybody could have spent their Friday nights parked in front of the television.

In 1987, Jesse Frederick welcomed America to ABC’s newest sitcom, Full House, with open arms and a warm smile singing about an unfamiliar modern America. The theme opens with him questioning where he is, asking “whatever happened to predictability” and wondering what happened to the milk men and paper boys. But it eventually circles back to the ever-familiar, all-American idea of hope; something light for the kids.

Fast forward to 2019 and you have North Carolina rapper Fat Dave teaming up with producer 20 On My Beat for “Full House Freestyle,” which is anything but family friendly. You get 20 flipping the show’s theme and Dave pulling up on a “house full of opps.”

Dave fires off a number of sneering punchlines, “Remember I was broke, they left me starvin’ / Now I kick hoes out like I’m Martin.” He sits on a kitchen counter top kicking his legs, counting his money and comparing his knockout punches to George Foreman’s. His threats are layered on top of the show’s campfire song-esque guitar riff, confusing your ears. It’s the absurdity that Carolina rap has adopted as part of it’s identity.

Dave is a key part of the Carolinas’ growing rap movement. His serious demeanor sets him apart from DaBaby’s jokester persona and Stunna4Vegas’ trigger-happy nature. Fat Dave’ll stare you in the eyes and tell you what you don’t want to hear.

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