Song of the Day: Cartier’GOD X Bladee – “#LetMeGo”

Ocean Gang meets Drain Gang
By    August 8, 2019

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Soundcloud needs to cut Lucas Foster a check. 

If you’re under 25 and have adopted the signifiers of an image-obsessed corner of the internet as a lifestyle, Bladee is probably your favorite rapper. He’s charmingly indifferent and aesthetically pristine; his music sounds like Balenciaga sneakers, like a selfie in a sculpture exhibit, like a day spent doused in iPhone blue light and cigarette smoke. It’s not important what it sounds like, it’s important that it’s fashionable. He mumbles, he drones, he plays with auto-tune presets, he scorns being on beat or much any ideas about rapping held by people over 25. As modern as Bladee sounds, he’s been relevant since his friend Yung Lean brought back the bucket hat [ed. note: Schoolboy Q is going to slap you Lucas], and when the Swede enlists fellow cloud rap veteran and Lil B collaborator Cartier’GOD to temper his esoteric impulses, magic happens.

This single, the first off the forthcoming collaborative effort HeartBreakers is everything. It’s the hypnotic chaos magic of a Plug beat communicated through a triangular light prism PCP hallucination, complimented by the always disaffected singing of Bladee and punchy, velvety drip surfing of the man who made drip slang more than half a decade ago. It’s beautiful, pop-friendly and esoteric all at once, and merits a second listen, or for me, one hundred so far.

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