Song of the Day: Duwap Kaine — “Epic Fail”

Lucas Foster brings to us a new joint from the seventeen year old rapper.
By    August 14, 2019

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We cannot reveal the reason why Lucas Foster stays so chill.

Duwap Kaine is 17, hasn’t dropped a project in more than a year, records all his music alone in his home studio, and is the hottest rapper doing it independently in August 2019. His music is psychedelic, sometimes nearly ambient, a drugged-out and lo-fi amalgamation of Atlanta street rap and cloud rap; where Die Lit walked, Duwap sprints. He translates a hallucinogenic and unique sound to a broad audience by manipulating his sing-song flow with a signature range of auto-tune presets and vocal mixing that transform simple two bar Instagram caption couplets into iconic earworms. When he croons “Man I can tell, I can tell/ Can you tell, that I’m chill?” as the melancholy and mystical synths fade out on this track, you forget he didn’t even need a hook to sink his claws into you.

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