Song of the Day: Peewee Longway — “Wakanda”

Lucas Foster observes while the Atlanta rapper gets his Black Panther on.
By    August 16, 2019

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Lucas Foster is a trap liberal, but it’s all love.

On “Wakanda” Peewee Longway is a Trap Republican. He’s promising to “Make the Trap Great Again with Donald Trump and Melania” on top of an 808 Mafia beat that would make just as much sense on a 2009 Shawty Lo project. He’s whipping up an entire brick with just a candle, he’s going “Forrest Gump on a brick a molly and run cross the country,” he’s fucking in a cop car (call him officer), he’s got two-toned ice on his wrist to match his Ottoman, he pulls up in a six figure amphibious car boat manufactured in Wakanda. The only part of the song that I don’t believe is that the five foot nothing Blue M&M is shooting jumpers. The fourth mixtape in the series is dropping on Datpiff next Friday, and you better believe that street rap’s GOP base is ready for some red meat.

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