Song of the Day: Trip Dixon, Black Kray, Shaboozey, and TreezLowkey — “*NEW*FLIP*”

Lucas Foster selects a Soundcloud posse cut for today's Song of the Day.
By    September 5, 2019

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Lucas Foster had to shovel the digital snow.

“*NEW*FLIP*” is all I hope for when diving 10 feet deep in SoundCloud obscurantism. Recently, Trip Dixon has been making the sort of weed music you might hear in purgatory. His relaxed and nonplussed beats pair organic, Earthy melodies and clap drums from another era with hyper-modern 808s and synthesizers. Here three great young Virginia rappers flip the expected format. While the hook is Kray’s trademark growl, the verses feature Shaboozey and TreezLowkey displaying polar opposite takes on how to sing on rap songs.  The result is too good to take off repeat.

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