Song of the Day: Lil Gotit — “The Real Goat”

Lucas Foster starts the week with this Song of the Day, a cut from Gotit's recent surprise mixtape.
By    September 10, 2019

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Lucas Foster just took your girl to Neiman Marcus.

I was extremely confused when I got an email about Lil Gotit releasing a surprise mixtape as one track on Soundcloud. Gotit is the sort of artist that generally doesn’t have a publicist, or a Wikipedia page, or a distribution deal. He makes fire music for no reason, capturing the mood of a late night in an Atlanta studio, engaging with cadences and flows and sounds of the moment without even wanting to contextualize himself. 

This tape seems like the last stand of Gotit doing what he was born to do. It’s a leering and cultivated affair, Gotit taking the post-Plug sounds and melodic hesitation flow of Carti and applying it to making something genuinely his own. He knows exactly what he’s doing, exactly what he is, and leans into it without the self-conscious sort of attitude that could have tortured this release. The tape isn’t flawless, it drags on for 12 too many minutes, it sounds like much of the rest of the moment’s artists, but it is truly delicious and endlessly replayable.

It is very fitting that this collection of expiring loosies from a studio savant is introduced with a song about an Adderall addiction.

I hope he can continue making music like this without censorship.

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