Song of the Day: NOLANBEROLLIN — “runescapers”

Lucas Foster writes of the power of the voice in rap and the rapper's recent Soundcloud dump.
By    October 10, 2019

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Lucas Foster noticed your Balenciagas when you were asking for a bus pass.

Rap starts and ends with the voice. A good rap voice separates middling hobbyists and all time greats. Nolan is a part timer, he spends more time on dark net drug markets than Pro Tools and shops for GAP sweaters and Honda accessories when his stimulant analogs kick in. Yet he has a voice, the best voice this side of Guru, AZ, Koopsta, and WifiGawd, and that voice makes his mumbles about pressed Xans sound dense and consequential. 

Beanman advent has felt strange, and weighty, and complex. His Instagram went live, pinned a comment that said “help, gun shots,” and panned across 9 police SUVs sirens. He deleted his Twitter, he dumped a dozen tracks on his throwaway SoundCloud and promised “Ultra Beanman soon” for the 9th time since November. And then he filmed his first real music videos. On “runescaper” he does what he does best, raps about drugs and slinks between Japanese cars with a mini Glock like a Splinter Cell cut scene.

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