Song of the Day: RezCoast Grizz — “WATER”

Song of the Day returns as Lucas Foster offers a stirring track from the Montana rap artist.
By    March 5, 2020

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Lucas Foster is still processing the Super Tuesday madness.

A culture that is so accepting of navel-gazing narcissism, self-absorption, refreshing instagram notifications and inserting Harry Potter fan fiction into life or death political equations is sure to forget so much injustice occuring under its nose. The plight of Native Americans in this country is often regarded as a fatalistic historical footnote, not an ongoing atrocity. 

Yet today on the Crow Nation Reservation in Montana there is a lack not just empathy, but water. Rez Coast Grizz is an artist from the Fourth World with first rate pop songwriting chops. On “Water” he blends his God-given abilities with the facts on the ground in his hometown. The blue-haired auto-tune crooner sings from his chest, painting images of friends forced into prostitution, of his thirst for water not being quenched by whiskey, of pain and life in the forgotten corners of a nation built on genocide. You don’t expect conscious rap from an artist with obvious influence from Thug, Juice WRLD, and Trippie Redd, but it’s one of the most powerful tracks I’ve heard this year. 

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