Sonic Emerson Steps Into the Spotlight on “En Algún Punto”

Raghava Lakshminarayana brings us the new single from the Mexican psych-rock journeyman.
By    April 2, 2020

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Raghava Lakshminarayana is too busy drawing masterpieces on MS Paint to deal with your nonsense.

Sebastián Neyra has patiently waited and his turn has finally come. You may recognize him from one of the stellar Mexican projects—Los Blenders, Mint Field, Jóvenes Adultos—that he’s been a part of. He’s usually the quiet, mustachioed redhead that pounds away mechanically at a bass guitar. But we’re finally getting to see some of his own brilliance shine through Sonic Emerson—his debut solo project. 

“En Algún Punto,” a single from his upcoming album, Si Tan Solo Supiera Por Qué Estoy Aquí, dropped earlier this week and it’s complete krautrock bliss.

The track lays out an intricate reverb-filled maze of sounds. Neyra plays raw-sounding chords that splatter beautifully over a bumping bassline—it’s kind of like watching one of those slow-mo videos of paint flying. Each sound is put perfectly in place to assemble a masterful krautrock jam that can only be faulted for being merely two minutes long. This could easily be extended and played on and on, in true homage to Neu! and other krautrock legends, though the full album will most probably deliver this fix. 

The video, by Daniela Solis, is a mash of rooftops, primary color filters and abstract POV shots that resemble one of those old school overhead projectors. It’s a cool visual palette for Neyra’s psychedelic concoction. 

The press release—loosely translated from Spanish by POW—for the video reads: “Though [Sonic Emerson] is a solo project, Sebastián finds collaboration with other artists, in different fields, to be very important, so he’s [also] created a visual universe for this upcoming release with a lot of his friends.” 

Si Tan Solo Supiera Por Qué Estoy Aquí will be out on Arts and Crafts Mexico and streaming platforms on May 28.

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