POW Premiere: Yvncc — Quanicles: The Curse of Quan

Lucas Foster brings us the newest project from the experimental-punk rapper.
By    April 27, 2020

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Lucas Foster throws rocks at the Twitter cops.

Yvncc’s star was born in a black-hued nebula where the abrasive, cybernetic experimentation of the Anti-World set collided with Doomshop Records’ Memphian Retrofuturism, fused and bonded and lit a white dwarf lighting a fully imagined, self-contained universe. A star system of rapper weed, gibberish slang being made meaningful through symbiotic repetition, asteroids mined for hair dye, and an elder scroll instructing Earthlings to smoke Satanic sativa. 

On Quanicles: The Curse of Quan yvncc is attempting to pen those messages from one technohedonistic hell to another. Here on Earth he is assisted by a murderer’s row of underground producers to bring us these scrolls, bringing sounds spanning multiple subgenres into a single, cohesive package. 

Landfill and Shark of Anti-World are masters of all that is gray, liquid metal, and cybernetic. Their beats on this album are not so much a single dimensional as they are a 3D animation rendered for a Resident Evil 2 Playstation cut scene: dark, menacing, multi-faceted, and maybe a tiny bit melodramatic. Mutant Joe and DJ Birdo have grabbed the torch from Black Money Boys and lit another black-flamed rapping Olympics. And if there was a rapping Olympics, yvncc proves that he would at least be invited to the trials: check the breath control on “Bottom of The Barrel,” where he takes a 2013 Bones flow and adds even more emphasis on each vowel, or the flow switch up on the hook of “Hair Dye (Fuck I Look Like).”

It’s an original, and entertaining mixtape from one of the underground’s most interesting up-and-comers. If yvncc’s able to do this six more times, he’ll be touring Russia for a legion of box-braided Bones enthusiasts by the time Rona is over.

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