Slam on the CDJ’s Best Sets of 2020: #50-26

If you need living room dance party fodder for what are hopefully the remaining months of quarantine, Michael McKinney's got you covered.
By    January 21, 2021

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Michael McKinney still has yet to livestream his DJ sets from his living room.

50. KMRU – RA.740

Otherworldly ambient that bridges moods, styles, and textures with a celestial grace.

49. Jana Rush – Live at New Forms

A thrown gauntlet for footwork mixing: ninety minutes of wildly inventive bootlegs, blends, and belters.

48. F-On – El continuo sonoro que nunca se acaba #1

Six hours of hypnotically minimal techno, shapeshifting grooves, and dimly lit alleyways.

47. Mister Water Wet – Long Train Ride Home

A tangle of pathways that converge on the same horizon; ambient music for wandering thoughts and long nights.

46. DJ Spit – @ Reaktor 2019

An anything-goes 160-BPM pile-up of garbled acid, riotous footwork, and fried-amp hardcore.

45. Moopie & Bayu – 20th March 2020

Heart-on-sleeve IDM filled with quiet joys and plainspoken beauty.

44. Grand River – Dekmantel Podcast 294

Blurry and Reichian minimalism woven into an ever unfurling tapestry of elegant electronics.

43. Brava – SYSTEM Mix 011

Slamming perreo with hyperactive drum programming, breathless mixing, and a revolving door of emcees.

42. Vessel – Crack Mix 362

Bossa nova, MBP, and modern classical melted together and twisted into wholly alien forms.

41. Grant Aaron – RA.738

Ambient music as a deep fog, with churning synthesizers and drums as distant footsteps.

40. The Large – 100% Ragga Garage

The jacking garage and infectious emcee work would be great enough on their own; together, they add up to an hour of nonstop firestarters.

39. FAUZIA – A Love Letter 2 Somalia

A joyous celebration of Somalian radio, packed with ebullient grooves and soaring vocal numbers.

38. Tommasi – 20th May 2020

Spare jazz suited for late nights, broken connections, and unresolvable melancholy.

37. ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ – Sound of Russian Federation

A Polaroid of Russian’s modern electronic scene; a thick fog settling upon alien figures.

36. Wordcolour – NE325

Disorienting in sound and word alike: half-truths muttered endlessly, unmoored electronics, and uncomfortably intimate portraits of paranoia.

35. Nicolas Lutz – Nicolas Lutz at Phonoteque

Unending piles of explosive house, techno, and breaks from a dancefloor don.

34. object blue – Essential Mix

Left-field club stormers that bust Richter scales and span decades.

33. Helena Hauff – Kern, Vol. 5

One of techno’s grimiest mixers throws EBM, electro, and gabber into a paper shredder.

32. Time is Away – Autumn Mix

A warm and lushly rendered slow-motion tumble of folk, jazz, and chamber music.

31. Nina – de Val

Horror-movie ambience; mood music for pitch-black rooms and chattering teeth.

30. Conducta – Kiwi Direkt

A jubilant celebration of new-school UKG’s finest names and sounds.

29. Griffit Vigo – XLR8R 660

Pitch-black and corrugated gqom from one of the sound’s originators.

28. Nadia Khan – RA.710

Slow-motion shimmers, half-muffled patterings, and sun-kissed ambience.

27. Kali Malone – Musiques d’ameublement

Frigid drone and minimalism selections that move with the speed and grace of the setting sun.

26. CCL – Blowing Up the Workshop 111

A fitting end to a famously idiosyncratic series: a sepia-toned scrapbook that lands somewhere between melancholy and celebratory.

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