The Rap-Up: Week of October 25, 2021

Harley Geffner's Rap-Up returns to celebrate RxNephew dropping four new tracks.
By    October 25, 2021

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Harley Geffner just knows the Charlotte Hornets’ locker room turns into Rap City’s The Basement 2.0 after every win.

RXKNephew – “Oct 30th”

One of the four songs that RX Nephew unceremoniously dropped on his YouTube page two days ago, (and one of 28 he’s dropped in the past two weeks) “Oct 30th” should soundtrack every Halloween event this year. The track has that old Keef loosie feel to it, where you already know something is about to blow your mind before he even breathes on the track. That “oh shit this is a beat he can murder” feeling. It sounds like a cut that could come from the darkest points in Gucci’s prolific run, or from a magical studio session where Lil B spends 4 hours talking shit.

The first minute of the song is heat, but it’s warm up for when he really gets flowing – starting with “She like I heard you ain’t in town why you ain’t stop by / see me on the gram but real life bitch I’m not that kind,” before going on a tirade about the types of glocks he has during his graveyard shifts and how his alter-ego is doing the shit talking for him.

RXKNephew – “Mr. Underdog”

Nephew gets into these pockets, where he just blacks out for 30 seconds after he ramps up his flow and starts talking crazy. On Mr. Underdog, he IDs that moment in live time and pulls it back as the beat slows then switches up, telling himself he’s got to chill. Neph loves talking about how powerful his many different guns and drugs are, and on this song, he calls his glock retarded, then makes sure we know he’s talking about “the big goofy kind,” his .30 is hitting pressure points, his Bean hits harder than an uppercut and the Drop has the potency to knock someone out of their corduroys.

RXKNephew – “3rd Day Still Fresh In The Same Outfit”

Is this a Drake Trophies era style beat? Neph will rap on anything, presumably because he’s being paid to. But I also share his qualm about the liquor store not being open 24/7. He has another short black out on this song though where he goes on a full tangent about his robbing skills:

“Brought the grip out so fast, rob you as fast as I can / If I would have went to school for robbin’ I’d have been a college grad / They would have gave me my Master’s for consistently robbin’ shit / The robbers can’t rob better than me the way I be robbin’ shit”

RXKNephew – “I Left My Fork Here”

Is Neph the best PluggnB artist right now? I don’t even think he likes these beats, but he knows how to carry them. Just the title / cover art combo already makes it a shoo-in for a spot here though. He left his fork somewhere and I guess he’s looking for it in some dirt? While shirtless in a Knicks cap. The song is mostly about his girl (light-skinned baddie who cuts pork with scissors) and taking care of her (through both feature and crack money), and there are some of those warbled gems sprinkled throughout, like when he proclaims “just walked in I’m already leaving!” Nowhere in the song is a fork mentioned though. I hope he finds it.

RXKNephew – “Read My Face”

This is a terrible beat. But we all know how Neph loves making fun of beats. It’s a boring 808 pattern interspersed with off-color female moans and a god-awful producer tag to start. So of course, what else is there to do but roast it? Neph calls the producer a freak, asks what the fuck is wrong with him and says he needs to be cancelled like DaBaby (after referencing that they tried to cancel Neph like DaBaby**). Neph says he has no problem with trans, but that the beat was probably made by “a trans,” which I guess explains the cover art. He says it sounds like Prince’s leather pants, then clarifies that Prince is cool, just not his leather pants. The 808 “bumps like herpes,” and if Neph meets the producer, he’s going to hurt him. He also says he’s going to trample him. And finally… he says it’s worse than that now infamous boom bap beat he roasted.

**Please note that they failed to cancel Neph like DaBaby.

Emptying The Clip

K8do ft Meez – “Go Off” – Great Oakland style flip on that Hank Crawford song that was sampled on Pac’s “Shorty Wanna Be a Thug” and Kanye’s “Drive Slow.” Some awesome quotables in here too. SHORTY TRYNA WRAP ME UP LIKE A GRABBA!

RaygoCray x DexKrueger – “Blind Remix” – Both of their voices are sticky as hell, and this one is heavy in rotation

Big Scarr & BackDoor Sam – “Scarred Baby’s” – Backdoor gasses this one, and Scarr’s voice sounds dope coming in right after

Payroll7 x 9zPlz – “No Belt” – Last verse goes crazy on this one. “Killin dudes easy but those court cases hard as fuck”

23 Binladen x Fear God (Official Video) – Very good Toronto rap. Way better than anything OVO.

3ZZY x DW Flame – “Viral Cripin” – The We Can Freak It beat is eternal

BandGang Lonnie Bands, BIG30 – “Foreva Rollin” – Where can we petition for Lonnie to do the next Pistons halftime show?

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