The Rap-Up: Week of December 20, 2022

Donald Morrison's Rap-Up is back featuring a festive Frostydasnowmann and Rio Da Yung OG collab, G Perico's latest project and another hit from DaBoii.
By    December 20, 2022

Image via DaBoii/YouTube

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Frostydasnowmann & Rio Da Yung OG – “Last Place”

It’s only right that Frostydasnowmann pops out to give us a new Rio Da Yung OG verse just in time for Christmas. The Inglewood-raised rapper often sounds as if L.A. had its very own strain of hyphy – loud, ratchet, maddening in its way – meant to be played enthusiastically at illegal sideshows and quasi-legal car meets. He’s like if Keak Da Sneak and 1takejay had a booted-up baby born already knowing how to ghostride the whip and correctly crease his dickies. Frosty hasn’t dropped much music since he came home from jail and it’s good to see that he hasn’t lost his ability to make unique turn up anthems that couldn’t have come from anybody else.

G PericoSouth Central

G Perico is adept at dropping quick-ten song albums wrapped in traditional gangsta rap themes and slightly nostalgic West Coast beats. It’s the same type of record you’ve come to expect and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It really feels like Perico, who’s been steadily releasing music for more than a decade, has finally found his lane: a strong, consistent stream of music that continues to explore similar topics, finding nuance and emotion in corners not usually checked. South Central is Perico’s fourth project of the year following his three EPs, LA Summers2, 111th East and Tango. It takes its name from Perico’s hometurf and is a topic he’s spent his entire career rapping about. “Gossip” is classic Perico and is an easy standout. Casey Veggies appears on “Express,” which is ok. My favorite, though, is the fast-paced “Spray Bottle” which shows Perico slightly more aggressive than normal to great effect.


BbyAfrika links up with Grand Rapids, Michigan-based producer WhoTheHellIsCarlos for one of the more depressing verses I’ve heard in recent memory. “I’ll kill that N**** just to make sure he don’t cheat on me,” she says, before continuing, “the only thing that you could do for me is die, I had a life so hard now I can’t even cry.” The slow piano riff and heavy bass help match the bleakness of the lyrics. Plus, there’s something kind of empowering about the way she says “My opps make me happy even when I’m sad, It’s something bout’ me just be making bitches mad.”

DaBoii feat. Stoneda5th & R3 DA Chilliman – “No Manners”

The Inland Empire’s latest dynamic duo, Stoneda5th and R3 DA Chilliman, have begun to break out of the local scene. Being sought by DaBoii, one of Northern California’s biggest rappers in his own right, is proof enough that S5 and R3 are doing something right and capturing ears far beyond L.A. proper. On “No Manners,” DaBoii continues not only releasing good music, but also showing that he has good taste in collaborators, having recently done songs with BabyTron, Drakeo The Ruler and Young Slo-Be. On “No Manners,” DaBoii shows up with his classic, exasperated flow: “opps always posting on the gram’ but never post up,” he says, before rattling off a litany of cultural faux pas he engages in, including standing on the graves of his dead enemies.

Young Bull & Ralfy The Plug – “You Can’t Stop The Rain”

Stinc Team consigliere Young Bull and the Stinc general himself Ralfy The Plug link up for a classically reference-laden LA street tune, fully loaded with references to the Matrix and the Loose Ends. The video shows the two dancing among the famous computing green code from the movie and has Ralfy The Plug reminiscing “I used to laugh when kids left their bike in front the store like it was safe there.” Ralfy and Young Bull are finishing up the Stinc Team’s first real tour and I can only imagine they’ll have more new music when they get back to L.A.

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