The Rap-Up: Week of December 11

A short Rap Up dedicated to the latest posthumous verse from Drakeo -- alongside SaysotheMac and Ralfy the Plug
By    December 11, 2023

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Donny Morrison made you wrestle shots like he’s Vince McMahon

Drakeo The Ruler is the only artist I can think of who raps about colostomy bags. This medical device, which collects your fecal matter in the event shit can’t reach your colon, is the last thing you want to be attached to after getting into a scuffle. It likely means you’ve suffered a stab wound or a gun shot that perforated your large intestine and now you need help going to the bathroom.

Equipped with his trademark clever brutality, Drakeo once described winning a fight as “I just shitbagged’ 12 n***as and a bodyguard.” If you’re a longtime fan, you know that Drakeo could often focus on the repressed and foul – unafraid to let his villainous imagination play the tape all the way ty where the victim is soiling himself in a hospital gown or left with his his “nerves hanging out.”

On “Sticks In The Club,” the latest single off Ralfy the Plug’s long-awaited threequel, Rapper Overnight 3, Drakeo is back on potty-watch, saying he’s in the club with your girl and that “you’ll’ be smelling like shit if you mug.” It’s a disturbing image set forth over a gloomy piano riff reminiscent of Drakeo’s music released post-prison in late 2020 and early 2021. This track proves that Ralfy has yet to release some of Drakeo’s best unheard verses. Ralfy has slightly slowed down his onslaught of new releases, but you probably haven’t noticed. Slowing down to Ralfy means dropping once a week instead of nearly every day.

“Sticks In The Club” is a classic Stinc Team posse cut, with Ketchy The Great being the only real missing link. SaySoTheMac ends the song with a verse that could have been written and performed by Mac Dre himself. It’s a complete change of pace for the record, injecting a pimp-like swagger to complement Drakeo and Ralfy’s cold menace.

“The DA said we’re a bunch of burglar’s, talking about some shit I ain’t never heard of,” he says. Ralfy is gearing up to release Rapper Overnight 3 on Christmas. Let’s hope for a few more posse cuts like this before the year’s end.

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