The Rap-Up: Week of April 8, 2024

Donald Morrison serves up the latest Rap-Up, highlighting new music from Aflacko, the latest frenzy from RXKNephew, Yhapojj's new danceable track and more.
By    April 9, 2024

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Donald Morrison chooses Key Lime over Pumpkin, and it’s not even close.


There’s a dark and frenzied energy to all the best Brodinski beats. I was first introduced to the French beatmaker back in 2018 when he produced Lil Reek’s debut mixtape, lacing the young ATLien with the type of booming bass and electronic mastery usually reserved for dance music. Brodinski has been around for a minute. He actually founded the dance label Bromance Records before it disbanded in 2017, and has two production credits on Yeezus. Since then, he’s found success working with a who’s-who of internet rappers, Atlanta hopefuls and actual superstars, like Xanman, Hood Rich Pablo Juan and 21 Savage, among others.

The Paris-based producer recently linked up with Queens rapper Big GTLAOW for “LOUIS,” a song that’s so all over the place I could see it scoring a particularly hectic scene from Fast & Furious. Brodinski’s wobbly bass and crisp 808’s gives a much-needed makeover to the classic NY Drill sound, allowing Big GTLAOW room to properly flex his signature ad-lib, which is just a variation of his name: the sound one makes when trying to mimic the cracks of an automatic rifle. Big GTLAOW came up rapping with Shawny Binladen and has since honed a type of assertive, staccato flow that goes well with Brodinski’s futuristic idea of what NY Drill could sound like in 2024 and beyond.

Aflacko – “Shottas”

The Bay Area’s elusive Aflacko has released his first actual project in nearly five years in the form of a deluxe edition of his 2019 mixtape 4500. I don’t exactly understand why he didn’t just release these ten new songs under an entirely new record, but perhaps Aflacko is merely clearing his hard drive of old music so he can make way for the new. Either way, the deluxe of 4500 proves that he’s one of the most underrated California rappers currently working. He has the syrupy, auto-tuned croons of 03 Greedo, mixed with the laid-back, NorCal demeanor of Larry June. His songs often clock in under two minutes, always leaving me wanting more Aflacko.

Hopefully this new drop signals the beginning of him making music on a more regular basis. “Shottas,” the deluxe albums opener, is a perfect introduction to Aflacko: a short but sweet ode to keeping that thing on him.

RXKNephew – “who Do I Run 2”

“who Do I Run 2” begins with a home video of RXKNephew’s young child learning how to walk, before abruptly cutting to a bunch of guns and jewelry sitting on a bare mattress. It’s filmed in RXK’s now-infamous house, the one you’ve likely seen in other videos with spray paint everywhere and random holes in the walls. RXK has the rambling consistency of a classic DatPiff mixtape rapper, someone you happen upon by accident and end up never forgetting. RXK was my favorite rapper like three years ago. Now I mostly sit back and enjoy seeing people discover his addictive irreverence from the sidelines. However, songs like “who Do I Run 2” prove that RXK’s heyday is far from over and that, against all odds, the Hennessy-soaked, YouTube kingpin is only getting better at rapping.

Yhapojj – “Make Sum Noise”

Alabama-born YhapoJJ’s infectious and youthful crooning has so captivated today’s youth that the young rapper’s first show in New York City last December got shut down and declared a riot before it could even begin. He, along with friend and collaborator Nettspend, are bringing forth a new, goth-inspired DIY sheen to the traditional and experimental Soundcloud Rap aesthetics. “Make Sum Noise” is a hypnotizing and danceable track that could fit nicely on a playlist with Playboi Carti’s latest release. It’s more inspired than the shit Yeat’s been putting out this year, yet scratches that same itch.

5much – “Black Ops”

The Baby Stone Gorillas have been the premier Los Angeles rap crew since Shoreline Mafia broke up. A large reason for their dominance is the sneakily-eccentric 5much, who’s rolodex of flows appears to be larger than his fellow group members. With “Black Ops,” 5much ventures out on his own for a loosey that’s part Keak Da Sneak and part Suga Free, debuting a whispery flow that’s basically just him talking over the beat. I keep returning to this song and discovering new lean lyrics, like “half a Duecey in the juicy, this is not a Squirt,” or “ain’t no love for a bitch I got a Wockhardt.”

Emptying the Chamber

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