At the intersection of artists like Lil B, RIFF RAFF, Kitty Pryde, A$AP Rocky and their rejection of established conventions was a common denominator: beautiful lou.
Leonel's Afro Jams of the Week returns featuring some impossibly catchy Tanzanian bounce, Ugandan pop greatness, Namibian beats, and more.
The new album from Nashville's Namir Blade is a reflection of his interests; an imperfect, yet ambitious listen
On their latest album as a duo, Moor Mother and DJ Haram further establish their chemistry and push each other into challenging territories
The new Black Star album could have been a reminder of the web’s great potential, rather than another easily-mockable example of its worst qualities.
Sam Ribakoff's Ghost in the 404 returns to highlight May's best electronic music featuring 700 Bliss, Djpjmadedistrack, Sam Gendel and Antonia Cytrynowicz, and more.
Donald Morrison's Rap-Up is here featuring new music from Hiway, Ball Greezy, Kevin Gates and more.
Leonel's Afro Jams of the Week returns featuring joyful Somali pop, a Guinea-Bissau afrohouse masterpiece, Cameroonian soul, and more.
What makes 'Soundbombing II' such a fun listen is that it’s structured like a mixtape or an underground hip hop radio show, with stylistically diverse rappers blending into one another.
In their latest attempt to prove that no production style is too foreign for their voices, Tony Shhnow and Zelooperz embark on a rap K-Ci & JoJo impression.