Zilla Rocca chats with Masta Killa about the early days of Wu-Tang Clan, sports, and rap as competition.
Zilla Rocca's 'Rework the Angles' returns, fitting Wu-Tang's 8 Diagrams into its ideal context.
Chris Daly has the illest costumes OK, admittedly, this may not be the first Halloween mix you hear this year. Hell, it might not even be the first one you cop from Passion of the Weiss (props to Evan). Let’s not kid ourselves, though, one can never have enough musical accompaniment for a night filled […]
Let Max Bell milk this cow, the best way he knows how The saga of the long-storied sixth Wu-Tang album, A Better Tomorrow, is documented elsewhere and not worth outlining. Wu-Tang was forever before they put it in writing in ’97 and remain so despite all the recent (and past) turmoil. Thankfully, all remaining Wu […]
The Wrecking Crew consists of Philly emcees Curly Castro, Has-Lo, and Zilla Rocca. Has-Lo and Zilla Rocca go RAGU on the videos of the Wu-Tang Clan in the early 2000’s. You can download their highly acclaimed 2012 album Wu-Tang Pulp at your own price Zilla Rocca: I woke up this morning to the worst run […]
Elmattic judges wisely between two pillars of ivory. The list of Wu-Tang side projects and affiliates is as long as the list of the Gospels and apocrypha. They weren’t known as Wu-disciples for nothing. Every Wu believer rides for the canonical solo LPs (The Gospel According to Liquid Swords, The Gospel According to Cuban Linx, […]
Wu Tang Watch March 19, 2014
Wu-Tang forever, but this isn’t Wu-Tang. Wu Tang is the inviolate idea, but its members are mortal and fall prey to the same jealousy, greed, and aging that the rest of us succumb to. Amos Barshad’s feature on Grantland does yeoman’s work in catching up with the notoriously hard-to-catch up with Clansmen. It’s the same […]
Max Bell needs help dyeing his Wallabees.  We’re not going to see a new Wu-Tang album any time soon. I’d listen if it dropped, but it’s probably best left in the vault. Their legacy has long been cemented, and their catalogue is worth its weight in dyed Wallabees. Besides, if it turned out like Wu-Massacre I […]
Gunplay vs. The Guillotine December 10, 2012
Because many music critics enjoy revisionist history and pretending that rappers are only influenced by esoteric regional or blog-rap references that only they catch, there has been little mention that three of the four best rappers of 2012  (Danny Brown, Kendrick Lamar, Gunplay and Freddie Gibbs) are heavily influenced by Wu-Tang. This is not half-baked […]
Nothing incites crisis quite like the favorite group of your teenage years slumping into middle-aged stasis. Have I ever mentioned that I love Wu-Tang? Maybe once or twice. I have learned more from Tony Starks than all teachers. Rae taught me to politick until I dittoed. GZA once explained the importance of water to me.  […]