As a native Clevelander, B.J. “Doc Zeus” Steiner believes in nothing beyond the icy embrace of Kierkegaardian nihilism. His formative childhood influences include Wu-Tang Clan, Sarah Michelle Gellar, nWo-era Hulk Hogan and game seven of the 1997 World Series. As a fully grown adult, he has learned to embrace the hate and become a semi-professional rap music critic specializing on calling you on your shit. He still watches professional wrestling and is definitely not married. Swipe right, ladies!

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When life gives you lemons, sell lemon and lime soda.
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Doc Zeus is wearing no makeup. How do you follow a masterpiece? It’s a question that humans have asked since Homer wallowed in an Athenian bathhouse and drunkenly panicked: “How do you top the fucking Illiad?” What do you do after you’ve stretched each sinewy fiber towards grabbing the brass ring and you actually catch it? For […]
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