Abe Beame explores rap's blunders in rock and pop crossovers from the past decade.
The Rap Up Returns with a new author, Lucas Foster. This week focuses on C Struggs, Lupe Fiasco, and more.
Like Donald Trump, Lupe Fiasco's albums have been up-down-up. Doc Zeus examines the latest LP "Tetsuo & Youth" with discretion & wonder.
Deen still doesn’t give a fuck about your Kangol. Sometimes, I really wish I had more discipline with regards to this music shit. I tell myself that I’m done or never really got down with a certain artist and I still find myself occasionally listening to their shit . It’s kinda part of the “job,” […]
By Deen
Joshua Lerner has delusions of flaneur. For some time now, the career arcs of Rick Ross and Lupe Fiasco have followed opposing trajectories. Five years ago, the very ordinary job of Florida corrections officer, revealed to be hiding at the bottom of Ross’s resume, put his drug kingpin persona in peril. But from where Ross […]
Slava P bought a tomb next to Howard Zinn after listening to this album. Ayesha Says (Intro) Familiar qualms offered by poetic sis: like angry Wale. Strange Fruition feat. Casey Benjamin White guilt overload over deconstructed strings and loose metaphors. ITAL (Roses) Pedantic lectures: pseudo-intellectual rap-pleas & pander