Will Hagle
Writer from Champaign in Los Angeles
Will Hagle dives into the new remix of Key Glock's recent hit "Let's Go" – featuring a rare yet characteristically engaging verse from the late Young Dolph.
An Interview With Seafood Sam February 28, 2024
Will Hagle speaks to the Long Beach rapper about making his upcoming album on the shoulders of Bobby Brown, Miles Davis and James Brown, being a futuristic artifact and more.
Will Hagle speaks to the POW rapper about the layers of his new ten-minute, one-track album, how horror movies depict reality, why Scream is the best horror movie to watch on a date and more.
Will Hagle speaks to the rap duo about their new album, "The Legend of ABM," making an impact through social commentary, their Chicago rap roots and more.
Will Hagle speaks to the Ohio-born emcee about how being a father affected the creation of his new album KUMA, going through a break-up while watching Wayne's World, the influence of video games and their soundtracks and more.
Will Hagle speaks to Fat Tony about the themes of his new album I Will Make A Baby In This Damn Economy, always repping Houston, Texas, being introduced to punk music and more.
23 years after its release, Will Hagle dives into what makes Deltron 3030's self-titled album so timeless, as it contextualizes the then-present-day by pushing techno-futurism to its wildest outcomes.
Will Hagle connects with Dante Ross to talk his new memoir 'Son of the City,' his unforgiving self-reflection, love of the Cool Kids and Fishbone and more.
Will Hagle puts together a mix consisting of the songs that he's shazammed while out and about so far this year.
On slowthai's latest album, UGLY, the British emcee proves his previous message on Nothing Great About Britain to be true; nothing can last and if you don’t move forward, you’re stuck in the past.