Will Hagle experiences Dead & Company perform at The Sphere in Las Vegas – the perfect band for this type of venue, who's a nostalgia act that transcends generations while lending themselves to psychedelic imagery.
Dispatches from the emotional night one of 03 Greedo’s homecoming, a half-decade in the making and a collective triumph for Los Angeles and Watts.
We don’t often think of rap performance as virtuosic, but that’s what Rakim is. An incredible live performer no different than seeing a great horn player at the Blue Note, Abe Beame writes.
Primavera's stop in L.A. State Historic Park recaptures some of the magic that Fuck Yeah Fest left behind, Reed Jackson (and briefly Jeff Weiss) write.
The concert might be the destination, but for Will Hagle, it's all about the winding journey that inevitably leads to missing a few shows.