Thomas Hobbs dives into the highlights of 2Pac's unreleased material, showcasing the depths of his mindset and his singular storytelling abilities.
A powerful elegy to the late revolutionary, Black Panther, and mother of Tupac, Afeni Shakur.
The new 2Pac biopic promises to be a messy affair, but Pete Tosiello continues to audition for the role of Big Syke
Bow down in the presence of a boss player.
All Eyez On Me: 20 Years On February 18, 2016
Pete Tosiello sifts through the incredible amount of great 1996 rap records to examine the holy grail: 2Pac's All Eyez On Me.
Art by © Lights Camera Click This is almost too surreal for words. A just released 22-minute conversation of 2Pac calling Monster Kody in October ’95, fresh on bail and so newly signed to Death Row that Kody congratulates him on the deal. “This was me and Tupac’s first conversation,” said Kody. “This was October 18th, […]
Deen cut someone last week who uttered the phrase, “Merry Kwanzaa.”  The list you’re about to read isn’t in any particular order. It’s basically a list of cool music shit that happened in 2013 that I really wanted to write something more substantial than a tweet about. So just do me a solid and enjoy […]
By Deen
I’m hesitant to extrapolate broad ideas about complex artists after watching three and a half minutes of footage originally recorded 19 years ago. But this is Biggie and Pac and I have a book coming out on them in two months, so fuck it. (Pre-order now). This is no mere idyll captured by Dream Hampton […]
Whether you’re familiar or not with the mythology of the 2Pac and Hughes Brothers feud, this new Sway interview with director Allen Hughes (Menace II Society, Dead Presidents) re-frames a bit of hip hop history. The backstory in brief: 2Pac was originally supposed to have been cast in Menace but reportedly discovered that he’d been […]
Maybe you have heard of this 2Pac fellow. Wrote a few cool songs about his mom and your mom and a fat guy’s girlfriend. Managed to pull of wearing leather better than anyone in his generation. Pioneered the slick baldheaded look in a way that the Fab Five and Onyx never quite matched. The ex-LA […]
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