A$AP Ferg’s Road to Fame February 8, 2016
A$ap Ferg mourns Yams and celebrates our most notorious girl group.
Early in 2012, A$AP Yams told the story of his rise in a never-published interview. In the wake of his untimely passing, it's presented here in full.
The song that launched a thousand Tweets about who was the first one to discover that Ecko used to be spelled Echo. The anthropological evidence was excavated during a Lazy Sunday browse in a Bushwick boutique disguised as an antique store. The fury of the Beast Coast erupted from pager to pager, until they opted […]
Abe Beame does not tread lightly. With Trap Lord, Darold Ferguson Jr. introduces some much needed chaos to the A$AP universe. It’s bizarre, ugly and fascinating at every turn, fronted by an emotive wild card with a wildly malleable flow. The first member of the A$AP Mob to drop a solo record is able to […]
Lords Never Worry finally drops, boasting the least Jewish name for a rap record since Nigga Please. I am of the Semitic mindset that worrying is often a supremely effective artistic technique. It forces you to quit or improve. But rap and writing are wholly different entities. Drake is the most neurotic rapper of all-time […]