Pete Hunt digs thru the ill-conceived collaborations to highlight the best cuts from the Wu-Tang dynasty's late and possibly final era – highlighting the gems that capture the magic of past hits.
Featuring Havoc, Alchemist, & Method Man, Mozzy, Loudiene & The Outfit, Tx.,Young God, Chief Keef & More.
Spring Mix – Has-Lo May 28, 2014
Has-Lo is hordeable, sportable, and totally affordable Spring is my favorite time of year. It’s not as hot as summer. Not as brutally cold as winter. Full of anticipation. Everything spreads out in front of us, waiting to be experienced. Once it got warm, you know school is coming to a close for the year. […]
The song that launched a thousand Tweets about who was the first one to discover that Ecko used to be spelled Echo. The anthropological evidence was excavated during a Lazy Sunday browse in a Bushwick boutique disguised as an antique store. The fury of the Beast Coast erupted from pager to pager, until they opted […]
Max Bell always preferred Allen Iverson. Today marks the re-release of Shaquille O’Neal’s rookie-season Reeboks shoes, The Shaq Attaq. If I had some disposable income—$160, plus tax—I’d be outside of Footlocker with my lawn chair and G-Pen like all of the other sneaker heads. Instead, I’ve settled for DJ Goulet’s (that one) commemorative Shaq Attaq mix, which […]
You read that title right. Rejoice. The first single from The Man With the Iron Fists soundtrack. Last week, I interviewed the RZA about the film and asked him about the difficulties inherent in fusing together his audio and visual aesthetics into a coherent narrative that made sense on the big-screen. He responded: “It’s a […]