The West Coast is the best coast, has been for years.
Douglas Martin is threatened by the possibility of Snacks the Cat replacing him as the most eligible bachelor on Tumblr. “Each and every day, I feel like I’m losing my mind,“ sings Best Coast frontwoman Bethany Cosentino on the closing track of debut record Crazy for You. In a recent interview, Cosentino named Drake as […]
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Queens of LA’s Lo-Fi Scene February 8, 2010
Alternate titles for this article included: Lo-Fi: How Well Does it Match Your Denim Jacket? The Gorilla Vs. Bear Guide To Los Angeles, and Douglas Martin’s Skit Plans for the next 5′ 0 Clock Shadowboxers album. For those of you averse to ink stains, Sunday’s LA Times included a feature on Dum Dum Girls, Best […]
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