Like Huey Lewis & the News, Thomas Johnson was born out of time. Since Detroit’s heyday, people have been trying to recapture its essence. In the past decade though, the 60’s soul revival has peaked. There’s no fault in being indebted to greatness, but while a few have put out some fantastic work, like Raphael […]
BJ The Chicago Kid Wants Mo October 20, 2014
  Evan Nabavian is swiping right on your Tinder. R&B crooner BJ The Chicago Kid channels that moment of clarity you get when you’re enraptured by the pussy. You’re about to dive in there and paint the Sistine Chapel, pitch a perfect game, and discover the Higgs Boson. The pussy is about to host a watershed […]
Tosten Burks prefers sour skittles. With Pineapple Now-Laters, BJ the Chicago Kid drew comparisons to Bilal and D’Angelo, patron saints of sexy neo-soul. That was a little off-base. Dude is too good at hooks to nail him down as a “songwriter.” For BJ’s roots, look more local. What I’m saying is, R. Kelly was the […]