Back with another haunted meditation on incarceration and graves, Boosie is in rare form.
I’ve spent a significant part of the last few years taking the death of gangster rap for granted. The narrative that I’ve run with tracks the rise in popularity of artists like (duh) Kanye West, the explicitly fake Rick Ross, and Drake, and the concurrent fall of Young Jeezy, the disappearance of 50 Cent, the […]
Boosie Believe It October 12, 2009
Superbad suffered from the weight of the absurd expectations that Boosie created for himself. Coming off a string of excellent mixtapes, notable for both their ferocity and fearlessness, Torrence Hatch’s sophomore Asylum release seemed formulaic and calculated. With his mixtapes keeping an equilibrium between searing political polemics like “Fuck the Police,” weed anthems like “Loaded,” […]