In which it is revealed that Nosaj Thing made the second half of the beat for “Pusha Man” from Acid Rap. This is probably my favorite moment on the album and I had previously assumed it was composed by Curtis Mayfield’s ghost. Wrong again. My review drops tomorrow on Pitchfork if you are interested. If […]
Slava P is better at Twitter than J Cole is at making you fall asleep.  If you were anywhere near a computer, you probably noticed that both J.Cole and Chance the Rapper released free mixtapes yesterday. It was the rap game analog to the NBA’s Rookie/Sophomore game. One team consisted of a player who has […]
Chance the Rapper and Hannibal Burress go full Brewster’s Millions with $5K and opt for the finer things in life: fake flowers, Shakey’s Pizza and dressing with/like 2 CHAAAAINNZ. If you’re going to go the positive post-based route, Chance has it figured out. Riff on the Mos Def sample with the Q-Tip hook and affect […]
Joshua Lerner owns every Poor Righteous Teachers cassette. Today at school, I erased the dates of January from my dry-erase calendar and put in new ones for February. I thought about the 41 homicides we saw in Chicago last month, an 11-year record. Most think the murder rate will drop with the temperature as summer […]