Gabriel Murillo and Eduardo Arenas talk about long distant relationships, living in Panama and Brazil, and keeping your best ideas secret.
For the last few years, Chicano Batman have lived up to their super hero pseudonym:  ordinary men doing extraordinary deeds in garish garb.  If you’re previous unaware, peruse the back-story of Bardo Martinez (and company), the Bruce Wayne of the LA psych rock game. There are the archives, there is my LA Weekly column, and […]
I apologize for dropping this one on you with such short notice. But I will make amends by presenting a free show featuring Chicano Batman, an Ariel Pink DJ set, Open Mike Eagle, and Wild Pack of Canaries, who may or may not be a giant cage of birds that I will unleash at the […]
Chicano Batman Joven Navegante Video Directed by Mochilla from Qvolé Collective on Vimeo. Is Chicano Batman, my favorite band of Latin psych-rock fusionists since Mandrill? Probably. This video is shot for a song from June’s blistering Joven Navegante EP. If you are wondering who Chicano Batman are, you should check my Bizarre Ride column on […]
Alex Piveysky steadily blogs here. The rest of the time, he answers to the bat symbol. Without hearing a single note, the album cover hooked me. It called out, like…uh, the bat signal. One of those moments when you know that you’ll love the album strictly off artwork. I was right too. Cue the platitudes […]
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