Max Bell pulled Stevie Nicks from the set of “American Horror Story” In 2014, garage rock of any denomination is a lot like ‘90s inflected hip-hop of the boom-bap variety. There are far too many reverential, indistinguishable practitioners. For every Alchemist behind the boards, there are hordes of crate-digging Pete Rock disciples locked in the […]
For the last few years, Chicano Batman have lived up to their super hero pseudonym:  ordinary men doing extraordinary deeds in garish garb.  If you’re previous unaware, peruse the back-story of Bardo Martinez (and company), the Bruce Wayne of the LA psych rock game. There are the archives, there is my LA Weekly column, and […]
Jonah Bromwich taught A$AP Ferg how to put in work. The conventional wisdom: MGMT made a minor indie masterpiece with Oracular Spectacular. Then they weren’t man enough to handle the resulting success – they crept inside themselves and became a small band that was unwilling to even attempt to match the bombast of their first, […]
Aaron Frank is also a fan of the Ol’ Dirty Bastard original. While they’re not as prolific as reigning garage rock king Ty Segall, Long Beach’s Crystal Antlers have made an equally significant impact on the SoCal indie scene over the past few years. Mixing psych, garage and glam and evoking influences as diverse as […]
Stewart Voegtlin once snapped the neck off Ozzy Osbourne during a live performance. He is the editor of Chips & Beer: a magazine focused on Metal, Horror, Comics, Metal, Chips, Beer, Metal, Stupidity, Arrogance & Metal. Also Metal. Buy a Copy. We know how to trip anymore? Can we keep bullshit distractions at bay? Not […]