Deen doesn’t care what you don’t like. Given recent events (which we won’t link to), it’s nice to hear some fire ass Chicago music that one can enjoy guilt-free. Even better is the fact that it doesn’t sound like Memphis revivalist shit masquerading under whatever new moniker the industry (or whoever is in charge of […]
By Deen
Slava P still gets Lil Jojo confused with the other Lil Jojo. If you’ve been paying attention to the Interwebs over the last few days, you’ve probably seen the infectiously ridiculous video for “Gangnam Style,” a song performed by the 34-year-old-wonder of K-Pop known as PSY. The song has exploded out of South Korea and […]
Jonah Bromwich doesn’t like jean jackets with the sleeves cut. Let’s just be clear: a Kanye co-sign means little-to-nothing regarding Chief Keef’s ability as a rapper. Artists with the fabled Yeezy seal of approval include luminaries like GLC, Big Sean, Kid Cudi, Fonzworth Bentley and Mr. Hudson. So chill. I know that’s a futile request, […]
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