Despite recent reports that Coachella is on the decline, Pranav Trewn reports live for the latest edition of his We Outside column, suggesting we should still be grateful for the festival and the moments it creates.
Liz Sánchez reports back from Frank Ocean's Coachella performance and examines expectations, obsessive fandom, and tries to make sense of what happened.
Most unlikely trend to be resurrected five years too late: The Yellow Safari Hat Pity the makers of the 2006 animated Will Ferrell film, “Curious George.” Had they released their film in 2011 and geared high-fashion yellow hats for the Coachella crowd they could have gotten that Kanye West money. At the very least, haberdashers […]
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Hannibalism @ Coachella April 20, 2010
As Sach said earlier, regularly scheduled programming will return tomorrow following a much-needed sabbatical with options. In the interim, that notoriously irascible asshole, Hannibal Moncrief stalked Coachella last weeekend. Somehow, the LA Weekly was crazy enough to let him write for them — Hannibal is a smooth talker –mothers lock up your daughters. Also, if […]